Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Holiday Time!

La la la!  I'm off to Mexico today for a very exciting holiday!  A very good Canadian friend of mine is getting married in Mexico so we're off to the land of sombreros, tequila and mariachis!  Don't forget your poncho!

I felt it necessary to point out that my friend is Canadian (living in Canada) and not Brazilian because everyone who I've told about this wedding thinks that having a wedding abroad is 'que chique'.  And, well, I suppose it is, but the fact is travel from Canada is so relatively cheap!

Travel from Brazil, I'll have you know, is not.

In fact, its hella complicated!  For one thing, the all-inclusive resort concept is only just starting to creep into people's collective travel brains.
(In the collective-thought Brazilian-travel-brain, people go (and want to go - for unknown reasons even... this is a collective thought brain) to New York, Miami, and most recently Cancun - I will bet you a million dollars that if you ask any Brazilian where they would travel to if they could go anywhere, they would say one of those 3 places.  And if it's Europe, they want to go to Portugal.)

So because this kind of travel is not so common here, we booked though wedding package group but had to book a flight separately.  Booked through orbitz.com (which had the best prices of all) but finding a flight for $800 return each (yay!) means that we're taking about 4 flights to get to the wedding (boooourns!!!!!!) 

We are not going to Cancun (thank God for that!  Please don't go to Cancun.... it's way way way too touristy)  We are going to Puerto Vallarta (I'm sure will be touristy as well but it's less popular) and after the week in PVR we'll be branching out to 'backpack' some cities.  Actually, I'm not bringing a backpack this time, so we'll be branching out to 'suitcase' some cities.

On the itinerary is Guadalajara, Guanajuato and final stop Mexico City.  Caaaaaaaaan't Wait!  This will be my 3rd time in Mexico and it is a really cool country.  

I'll do my best to update on the where/when/why/how of all these places so if faced with the choice, you don't have to automatically go to Cancun.

Today we leave in about T-4 hours with our final arrival point being 28 hours after we leave.  Can I just take this moment for a blank stare?  :-|  Blink blink.  Yes, 28 hours from now, we will be in sunny Puerto Vallarta.


It's all worth it to see my best friend get married though and, did I mention, we'll also be celebrating two years of marriage while we're there too.  Happy happy days ahead!!

Boa viagem!
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