About Me

 Hey and welcome!

I'm Lindsey - a Canadian girl who has been living in Rio de Janeiro for just over two years.  It all started when I met this handsome Brazilian man at a Brazilian club in the Brazilian neighbourhood of Toronto... the foreshadowing had already begun.

In our first year together we accomplished what some accomplish after only 3... 4... 5 years or more.   We moved in together, got engaged, got married, got me a permanent Brazilian visa and moved to Brazil to live with his family (who I was meeting for the first time upon arrival). 

Luckily, it had always been my dream to move abroad and teach English.  Meeting my husband was fate and our intercultural relationship has been more fulfilling than, dare I say, any other experience I've had until now.  It has opened my eyes to an entirely new world.  Oddly enough, I always thought I was pretty cultured, pretty well travelled, pretty exposed to the world outside my Canadian bubble.  I was so mistaken.

After one year in Brazil, I feel changed.  No part of living here has been easy.  Everything has been outside my element.  I do not live in the 'popular' 'touristy-area' of Rio.  But everything has been an amazing, incomparable opportunity for personal growth. 

I started this blog to record and communicate my everyday-frustrations and accomplishments... from language barriers to cultural differences; from living with in-laws to living in our own apartment in the 'real' Brazil; from teaching English to learning Portuguese... all the while realizing the amazing-ness that surrounds me everyday.

I'll also try to throw some funny anecdotes in ...
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