Learn Portuguese with a Brazilian

Parabéns!!  If you've clicked here you are probably interested in improving your Portuguese!

Perhaps you've even thought to yourself, 'If I only I knew a Brazilian!'
Or, 'I wish I could find a Brazilian teacher who teaches Portuguese privately in person or over Skype!'
Or even further out there, 'I wish that girl Lindsey-From-The-Blog's husband taught Portuguese!  That would be so handy!'

Well look no further, Friends.  Today is your lucky day!

My husband, Rodrigo, offers private Portuguese language classes in the city of Rio de Janeiro and over Skype.  Please contact either of us for a free experimental class to discuss your needs and learn how he can help you gain more confidence in Brazil, the Cidade Maravilhosa, or just in the local Brazilian neighbourhood of your city!  (Hey, you never know who would like to learn a new language!)

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