Wednesday, October 28, 2009

hott in herrrrre (so take off all your clothes)

It's freakin' hot in here. There is an oscilating fan in my office, an enormous industrial fan outside my office, the air conditioning is on and my legs are STILL sticking to my chair.

If I was in Brazil I might be ok with this but, clearly I am not, and so what the hell???

Something is definitely wrong with the cooling system in this building but they won't do anything about it - and if it's hot for me sitting in the office, I can't imagine what the members who are working out are going through. Sorry members!

So this weekend was a very Brazilian weekend for us! I'm so so glad I stopped being a baby and went to the party at Ro's bosses house. a) I had a great time and b) it got me so excited about Brazil again
The last 3 weeks have been slightly rough for me - I was having serious anxiety about leaving and all of the challenges and mishaps that are sure to happen were becoming daunting and overwhelming. Language, family living, relationship building, location, the list goes on... BUT after this weekend I was relieved (surprised?) to know that I understood a good 60% of what people were saying in Portuguese and ALSO that the drunker I get, the more comfortable I am with trying to speak!
Solution = always be a little bit drunk, all the time.
The party was nice - everyone was really friendly and good dancing and caipirinhas were enjoyed. My husband makes the best caipirinhas, p.s.
And I'm sure you all know what a caipirinha is, but for the future readers who don't, it is a traditional Brazlian drink made with Cachaça . The actual word "caipirinha" is the diminutive version of the word "caipira", which refers to someone from the countryside, being an almost exact equivalent of the American English hillbilly. HMM! I don't think Brazilians think of hillbillys when they drink this drink but it may be due to the fact that a SIP of one gets you retardedly drunk, in pure hillbilly fashion.

So where was I? Oh yeah, I was really drunk. And so, the result of said drunkness was of course a nice li'l hangover Sunday morning. I feel so lucky on Sunday. I get to spend the entire day with Ro, waking up late, making eggs and toast, getting showered and dressed and go for long walks anywhere. This Sunday we walked to the closest Wendy's (it's all I can handle post alcohol for some reason), ate, walked up to Praça Dundas, looked in Future Shop (where I witnessed the most amazingly bad attempt at shoplifting - soooooooo obviously stealing stuff guy!!), then streetcarred it over to Little Italy where we had tix to watch O Mistério do Samba at the Brazil Film Fest! Watched an awesome Samba school play on the sidewalk - beautiful sunny day, live samba school and my husband?? GREAT day!

The movie was sooo nice - it explained the story of the velha guarda do Portela and had some fantastic shots and of course, beautiful sambas. We both really enjoyed watching it in the old Royal theatre - it's amazing how you can take a holiday in your own city sometimes.
Then we walked home and passed through Kensington Market, which Ro hadn't been to before and I hadn't been to in a long time... Sundays are Pedestrian Sundays which means only foot traffic and lots of cool entertainment.

Phew! We did a lot on Sunday and afterwards felt so excited to be in Brazil. Do you know it's only 6 weeks left until we leave?? Is that even possible??? Gah!! I can't believe it. Uma cosa à tempo. First, move to Brampton. Then, move to Rio.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


OK Officially we are leaving DECEMBER 14! what what!! We bought our tickets today after discussing the fact that a little more time here would give us a bit more money and would also give us a bit more option for seat selection. Ro doesn't like flying... AT ALL. Actually, I've never experience fear and anxiety of flying the way he has it. It kind of stresses me out because he just can't relax, can't sleep, everytime the seatbelt sign dings he is ALERT, his hands are sweaty, talking nervously about nothing. It's so strange!! He is like a different person. Possibly this is the only thing that interrupts his usual calm, rational, demeanor.
Soooo looking foward to a stressful 11 hour flight :S

Last night we put up post-it notes around the condo to help with my vocabulary. This morning, while getting ready in the bathroom, I've become very familiar with the vaso, the espelho, and the pia. :D Tonight, while we're on the sofá watching televisao, I'll work on the sala de estar. :)

Whoever guesses what all those words mean correctly gets a special prize from me.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's Official...

I got the visa... December 2 is the launch date!!! Fastest visa ever!

I can't believe a year from now I will be living in Brazil. I can't believe 2 months from now I will be living in Brazil.

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