Thursday, October 8, 2009


OK Officially we are leaving DECEMBER 14! what what!! We bought our tickets today after discussing the fact that a little more time here would give us a bit more money and would also give us a bit more option for seat selection. Ro doesn't like flying... AT ALL. Actually, I've never experience fear and anxiety of flying the way he has it. It kind of stresses me out because he just can't relax, can't sleep, everytime the seatbelt sign dings he is ALERT, his hands are sweaty, talking nervously about nothing. It's so strange!! He is like a different person. Possibly this is the only thing that interrupts his usual calm, rational, demeanor.
Soooo looking foward to a stressful 11 hour flight :S

Last night we put up post-it notes around the condo to help with my vocabulary. This morning, while getting ready in the bathroom, I've become very familiar with the vaso, the espelho, and the pia. :D Tonight, while we're on the sofá watching televisao, I'll work on the sala de estar. :)

Whoever guesses what all those words mean correctly gets a special prize from me.


  1. I'm loving your blog my wife =) looking forward to read more posts... Love you!

  2. I know! I know! Pick me!!! Well, guess wouldn´t be fair if I´d say it... but I want the prize anyway: a big and fat Kit Kat chocolate bar!!!


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