Friday, November 6, 2009

Spending time in the Brazlian Consulate of Toronto

Ok, the Brazilian Consulate is... well... it's kind of a mess. Everytime I've gone has been rather stressful - for one thing the square footage is TINY and many Brazilian families show up and squeeeeeze their families of 5 complete with strollers and young children into the already undersized space.

Today was no different.

Folks were almost unable to open the door today because I was rammed up against it. It was especially annoying because I was returning the consulate AGAIN because they made a mistake on my permanent visa. (they forgot to put my married name on it...)

This time, however, it was nice to see a lot of Canadians in line to pick up visas. At least I know I'm not the first person to ever relocate to Brazil :) duh...
So now we're back in the same position without my permanent Visa... Im steps away from being an (almost) Brasileira.

And now to end my post in the traditional Brazilian way. BEIJOS BEIJOCAS BEIJINHOS! Of course with a little added ridiculousness ;)

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