Thursday, December 17, 2009

we made it!

Finally, the much awaited (by everyone and probably more by myself) I HAVE ARRIVED blog. This evening marks the end of one entire day spent in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil my new city :) So many things have happened in the past 48 hours and we are really proving ourselves to be chameleons - totally capable of changing and adapting. My overall impression of Brazil so far has been good. There are, however, certain differences that I am acutely aware of.
First, I am completely under-dressed. I already knew how Latin Americans dressed based on past traveling but apparently I forgot. Rules to remember before you leave the house:
1. Always be wearing a pair of earrings. It really doens't matter if you're boarding a 10 hour plane ride, walking in the Centro, or working out. Earrings are a must.
2 Often you should be wearing high heeled shoes. All points mentioned above remain the same.
3. Lululemon pants are not acceptable. You should consider wearing a dress or skirt at all times.
4. Said dress (or shirt paired with skirt) will have spaghetti straps and show a lot of tit.

Other differences - when you order bottled water, it's (so far) always offered com gas o sem gas (carbonated or non carbonated). Also, in a lot of places, we make our order, they write up a 'tab' of sorts and then you bring the piece of paper to the cashier to check out instead of bringing your food or wrapping paper right to the cashier to pay.

Already my Portuguese is improving, just like everyone said it would! At least talking is coming A LITTLE easier today than yesterday - but i'm having this problem where I freeze and draw a complete blank when Im meeting a new person or when I'm surrounded by a lot of people.
Last night for example. We arrived after traveling for almost 24 hours straights (10 hours on the plane and then after getting through customs with ALL our stuff, 6 hour drive to Rio). It was a hard day and I was stressed out to meet his mom and sister and after the initial awkward hellos we went into the apartment where all of his friends and family in Rio were there to surprise us! It was of course great for him to be greeted with such an awesome welcome but i was really thrown into things a little too fast for my comfort. There were so many people to meet and I was feeling so uncomfortable saying anything to anyone... but also maybe it was a good time to meet people and get the awkwardness out of the way.

I swear to all of you right now I WILL speak Portuguese! Maybe I will eventually write a post in Portuguese! The language exposure is so strange - i have already started thinking automatic things in Portuguese like thank you (which I say A LOT)...

Anyway, for now I"m off to bed and will update more soon!!



  1. yay!!!! Happy we've made a good first impression on you. And yeah, Brazilian women tend to overdress for nothing, but it's a tropical country and everybody is really into looks since our bodies are exposed most of the time. But, you'll get used to it... If you need any help with your Portuguese, count on me. We can help each other with language related issues.
    Oh, you're spending New Year's in Rio!!! you gonna love it!!!!

  2. Linds! My sweet! I am so happy to read this and to hear you're well and adapting and happy?? All the power to you m'dear for surviving such a raucous first meeting with Ro's crew -- after 10+ hrs of travelling no less. You are amazing. Don't forget it! Don't!
    You are sorely sorely missed and looking forward to more updates. Much love your way! Good vibes and the best wishes.
    - kat

  3. I just felt the need to add that the trip was definitely 10 hour plane ride and then 6 hour drive to Rio from Sao Paulo!!!! Just wanted to add that... :)
    I miss you all soooooo much but the distraction of a new country is helping for now ...
    Im so happy you're reading! (and commenting!)



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