Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Small update

Hey y'all!  Just a small update to say that YES I changed my blog but only because I was trying to figure out some HTML and I screwed it up so I needed a quick fix.  So this one is temporary - I don't think the feedback has been great so don't worry. 
Also, just wanted to declare that my portuguese is improving and it MIGHT have to do with the studying I have been doing... it's not great but I can communicate with other people other than just Ro's family, which makes me feel proud.  Other people aren't so patient, nor do they speak slow for me.  Anyway!  I was able to talk to the woman giving me a wax today, which is great because I like talking as a distraction to forget the pain.  Although here, waxing doesn't hurt SO much because they don't use paper and warm wax, they use burning hot wax that they peel off.  But the burning hot wax hurt today because of the, y'know, burning heat. 
Anyway, took my new wax to the beach with Ro and Debora which was a lot of fun and I'm finally starting to get a real tan, which is practically a miracle.  I am finding the beach more enjoyable now, probably because we live closer so it's a bit less maintenance than it was having to load all of our stuff into the car.  *gasp* yes people you heard it here.  I am starting to hate the beach less. 
I shall end by leaving you with some photos of our dear little kitty just because I have requests for more photos and you haven't seen little Nininha yet... and she's too cute to keep to ourselves. 
Tchau gente!

 Here is Nina sleeping in a drawer:


  1. Nininha is adorable! All the photos are cute, but I especially like the one of her asleep on the running shoes.
    Congrats on the portuguese, I know how good it feels to make progress, even if it sometimes feels slow!


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