Thursday, November 11, 2010

Laura is coming!!!

The official "Laura is coming" blog is here!  My good friend Laura is coming from Canada today!  Actually she should be here in 10 hoursssss!!!

I'm not a great tour guide because I haven't really planned anything but I'm sure we'll just take it as it comes and have a great time regardless.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what we should do for sure? (Aside from the usual touristy stuff?)

Yeah Laura!


  1. If it was me visiting, for the first few days I would just want to chill out at the beach and meet all your Brazilian friends and family. I would also want to go to where you get your groceries and 'shoppers drug mart' stuff. So that I could see what your new life is like in Brazil. Then all the touristy stuff. And then near the end of the trip I would want to go to Iguazu falls, something to look forward to the entire trip and something I know I would never forget! Ooooh man! I wish it was me visiting you! But I hope that you and Laura have a great time. :)

  2. Good for you. Fun is coming.

    How about spending a day on Paquetá Island? Ferry ride, bikes, horse carriages, great views.

    Also, don't forget the Oficial Rio Guide (and the pdf calendar in the right column).

    And, of course -- a day in Niterói! LOL!

  3. The Champagne bar in Botafogo. It's called Oveja Negra and is a happy hour place. Get there early because they fill up!

  4. Try a favela day out with Zezinho - contact


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