Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Post

Lately there have been a lot of little observances I've made that I want to blog about, but that don't really merit an ENTIRE blog ... well, frankly there just isn't enough to talk about to fill a whole page.  So this will be my random post, about several things that I really love about Brazil.

1.  CAFEZINHO!!!!  Wow, what is this?  The cutest, smallest, tastiest, little coffee ever!  I usually drink one of these little gems when we're out and I can find a coffee shop to hit up (Vienna is one that we visit every time we are out at the Shopping (the mall).  Ohhhh i could actually write a whole blog about cafezinho.  Y'see, in North America (I'm definitely going to assume this is a North American thing because it's led by S-bucks) coffees are ENORMOUS.  I realize smaller coffee shops like Tim Hortons or your more local coffee shops offer smaller sizes, but I'm sure most people opt for at least the medium which is definitely 2-3x the size of a cafezinho.  Now, I always have opted for the small size because I can't get through an entire medium of the watered-down coffee and this is why the cafezinho (or cutey little coffee in my own translation) appeals so much to me.
The cafezinho is also an espresso made from fresh Brazilian coffee beans, so it retains it's natural sweetness while being roasted and having that full earthy espresso flavour....it tastes so natural and delicious!!  When they make the espresso, the coffee comes almost whipped, with a little froth on top, and is then served in a teeny little cup with a teeny little spoon and a teeny little biscuit or chocolate mint (if I'm lucky)... OH MY GOD IT'S SO GOOD... Every time I drink it, I say this and then follow it up with I HAVE TO WRITE A BLOG ABOUT THIS COFFEE. 

2. Kite Flying.  Here in Rio, kite flying is a phenomenon... I'm sure it has to do with the favelas because it is a cheap, easy toy that kids can make and because here the game of kite fighting is pretty big (I think...).  For those who were unaware that kite flying is a game, think Kite Runner.  One kite tries to cut the other down with sharp string and when they succeed the kids run to try to get the lost kite.
Anyway, I see kites flying in the sky at all hours of the day.  The most we counted at one time in one area was I think 15.  I don't know why I like to watch them so much but at home I never experienced kite flying - I don't think I've ever flown a kite.  They're so peaceful to watch when there is a slight breeze and the kites dance around each other.  You can never see the owners, only the kites, so they appear to be controlling their own pace and direction... it's very relaxing.

3.  The things people do for money.  I'm talking, people who are poor providing quick bursts of entertainment for those waiting in their cars at red lights (when they actually do wait haha).  The other day, a young boy stepped in front of the car in front of us and began to juggle 3 little balls.  He was really talented, making eye contact with the driver, giving the thumbs up sign to verify enjoyment level, enjoyment level was present and so it continued.  It lasts about 30 seconds and then he walks from car to car to collect change from those viewers who liked the show.  It gets even more advanced from there.  Last night we saw a guy juggling fire batons in the street the same way.  When he was finished his show I actually applauded in the car.  I love these little bursts of entertainment!

4.  An extension of things people do for money.  Selling crap on the highway.  And when you're dying of heat in your pre-air conditioned car, that guy you thought was crazy selling COCA!, AGUA! in the middle of the highway suuuddenly becomes your best friend... You can also get hammocks, jewelery, or for the alcoholic driver, good old cerveja!

This concludes my random post for now... Next time I am going to show off our new carro!!!

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