Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup Mania

I have a question.  I am I the only one?  Do I represent a population of one?  Someone, anyone, if you're out there and you're on my side, please let me know.

Am I the ONLY ONE who doesn't give a CRAP about the World Cup????

I think based on your silence, I am.

Let's face the fact that Canada doesn't have a team and isn't really a big soccer country as it is.  This certainly would explain my lack of interest in a World Event of Soccer.
With baseball and hockey (and lacrosse and curling, har har) stealing the limelight, the only space left for soccer is with those 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation citizens who, as soon as world cup comes on, CEASE being Canadian and completely envelop themselves in their heritage identities.  Anyway, my point is, I'm Canadian through and through.  Never had a soccer team, not even by blood.  So now what do I do when I'm in what is arguably the soccer capital of the world and the World Cup is on?

What I do miss about World Cup in Toronto is seeing all of the cultural power come out from the dark.  Toronto is already an incredibly strong multicultural city.  There is most definitely a neighborhood to represent EVERYONE in Toronto.  The best thing to see during the World Cup (or any international event) is the masses of people coming out to cheer for their team.  You have a game of Italy vs. Brazil?  You can bet your ass that the bar will be packed half and half with fans from each side.  Greece won?  How do you know?  Because the Greeks have rallied in their cars and are driving up and down the streets honking horns and waving flags everywhere.  It's f'ing awesome.  

Here, it's all about Brazil.  Brazilian pride is searing right now in the streets.  Flags are flying everywhere.  Paraphernalia litters every corner of every grocery store, sidewalk, building top, restaurant.  Everybody is cashing in on World Cup-mania.  And me?  What am I most happy about?  I'm happy that Outback has a deal on wings and also that they are extending their happy hour time from 2 to 8 hours.  Bring on the World Cup!

Now, don't get me wrong because I completely understand the sense of pride that comes with competing in world events!  It's not like that!  Hello Olympics?  Was I glued to the TV every night in February (when they played 1 measly hour of the Olympics at midnight for my hungry eyes to see).  YES.  If Canada had a team playing in the World Cup, I would certainly be right up there, baring my Canadian Flag clad chest for all to see.

But, they're not.  And so here I am, confused and irritated that my students are canceling their classes because there's a game on.  Confused, but not really.  What can I do but just shrug and join the ranks?


  1. Yeah, my students canceled their classes tomorrow, too.

    I've decided to see this as like, a national holiday, or the way Americans see the 4th of July, and it makes more sense.

  2. I should have asked you to join my World Cup pool at work Lindsey. United Way fundraiser. Makes it more interesting. Brazil is my new favourite team.

  3. When I was in college (way back when) I would always do my laundry when there were home football games. Everyone was at the stadium and I never had to wait for a dryer.

    Find the opportunity...

    While I cannot get too excited by all of this, clearly everyone else is. My husband's inner jock has come out to play. Really weird.


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