Saturday, August 7, 2010

Going out in Rio

So lately I've been going through this drinking phase where I find myself drinking and getting drunk about 2-3 times a week.  This is more than I normally drink (especially to the point of drunk) but it has to do with my new-found obsession desire to have a social life.  I've always enjoyed drinking - love wine, beer, mixed drinks ... I'm not picky.  It's just that I'm finding the only sure way of making friends is
a) in the bar, and
b) whilst drinking

I've mentioned going out a few times to this Irish Bar in Ipanema that is pretty awesome. I mean, yes it's half-filled with tourists but they speak English! The upside is, obviously, that I can hang out, get wasted have some beers and socialize in English. The downside is that they are mostly all here temporarily (leaving in a month, leaving in a week, leaving tomorrow).

I suppose this is the permanent downside to being a foreigner in another country. If you make friends with other foreigners, it's almost always a temporary friendship. Somebody will leave someday.

But while that all sounds depressing, it's been the most amazing thing for my overall level of happiness here lately. I've met quite a few temporary friends just by going to the bar and talking to people. Even if it doesn't go further than that, at least I feel reassured by the fact that I AM still sociable and I DON'T just stay home with Ro all the time (as my sister-in-law so lovingly pointed out - I will also mention that she shared her opinions without being asked for them (that good ol' Brazilian Honesty) and it was actually said as more of a criticism. I really need to go out and 'talk' to people and make friends because it's not 'healthy' to stay at home so much).  I digress.  That's a whole other blog.

Anyway!  I've also made friends with a couple guys from my second school who are really nice people. Always up for some beers, some music and general hanging out. So, tonight, I am going to meet up with them in Lapa for some drinking and samba and whatever!

Good times.  Yes, good times.

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  1. I'll drink to that! Good for you for getting out there - with some success.

    There are also a few organizations or groups that can hook you up with English speakers. GRoups like:

    - The American Society of Rio de Janeiro (not for Americans exclusively)
    - The folks over at organize English speaking outtings
    - has a Rio group and they organize gatherings

    And others. I tend not to join the establishment group (Am Soc of RdJ) because the dues are a lot and I don't see myself matching up with many of the members - but I know others have had a great time at some of their gatherings). Groups like InterNations are business networking groups with social events. Again, I do not see myself as a great fit for this. THe younger, wackier group that is CouchSurfing is much more my stayle and you may want to check them out.

    I'm sure others have more ideas. Keep at it!


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