Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ruffles Don't Taste the Same in Rio

 It's true, folks.  They don't.  For any of you hoping to find the same comfort snacks you go to at home in North America/Europe/GB, look again.  Or stock up. 

First, I'm a chip fan.  Well, I'm also a big chocolate fan.  But I often crave chips.  Salty, original Ruffles to be exact.  While, YES they do have Ruffles here (original as well as Steak flavour or cream cheese???) (oh and P.S. they pronounce them HUFFLES - beware when asking) they just don't taste the same!  Not quite as salty or the potato is different.  I can't put my finger on it exactly.  But I have discovered a LOVELY alternative to my adored Huffles. 

Sencacoes!  They are the Brazilian equivalent of Lays but are much saltier and therefore much more delicious.  Ya baby. 

Another issue I have is with the size of chocolate bars here.  In Brazil, chocolate bars are only sold in HALLOWE'EN CANDY size.  This is ridiculous frankly.  When I decide I want chocolate, I am committing.  Committing to the caloric intake and committing to the amount of chocolate I want in my belly.  This 75 calories a bar stuff, well, it just isn't enough.  But then again, when I think about it, I'm satisfied after eating one.  And it's pretty ridiculous that they sell KING size chocolate bars in Canada.  So fine, Brazil.  You can have this one.

Final gripe about snacks in Brazil is COOKIES.  Brazil has never seen a cookie.  This is what Brazil thinks is a cookie.  

Your eyes do not deceive you.  They are all small, hard and perfect circles.  Often filled with an icing in the middle.  They don't even have Oreo!!!  Oh sorry, they have 'Negresco.'  Not Oreo.  If you're gonna do small hard and perfect circles, at least make it an Oreo.  The only one here that is a square shape is Passa Tempo which I will vouch for because Passa Tempo is daaaaaaamn good. 

But where are the Christie chocolate chip cookies?  Oreos?  Mrs. Fields softies?

Bah!  I'm going to eat my 75 calorie Twix (that and Snickers are the only American chocolate bars you'll find!)



  1. Yes, I miss Mrs. Field's and Oreos, too. But what Brazil lacks in cookies, it makes up for in mousses, bombas, and anything with guava and coconut. Oh, and churros filled with doce de leite or chocolate and dipped in sugar. And Ovalmaltine milkshakes at Bob's. Mmm.... There's plenty of calorie-filled sweet goodness, you just gotta look for it. I recommend Pão de Azucar when you need a sweet fix. They have so many random little treats, as well as really good (and big!) chocolate bars. Oh, they also have really good almost-American brownies. (Are Canadians big on brownies?) Mmmmm. I'm hungry now.

  2. I feel you - although I have no reason to eat highly caloric foods!

    It is noticable to me that there are no BIG bags of chips. Not big by US standards, that would be HUGE down here. But there are few bags larger than individual lunch snack size.

    I love the Sensações band as well. They have a baked line too.

    Mostly I am with Danielle - focus on the rich local alternatives. But fruity sweet is very different than fatty salt. It depends on your mood/needs.

  3. The main difference in the salty snacks is that in Brazil they use real marine salt only, you must be use the the artificial salt we eat in most salty snacks in North America and Europe.
    The good thing is that real marine salt is healthier for you, you just have to get used to it.
    For sweets you should try "Kopenhagen" Chocolates, you can find them in every Mall in Brazil, their treats are really good, the "Nha Benta" are really special and you should definitely try them.

  4. Sorry but I'm gonna a big asshole here. Thank God we don't have those over-sized bags of chips, chocolate bars or any other kind of unhealthy food Americans and Canadians are so familiar with. We already have our share of unhealthy food from Bob's, Mcdonald's and other chain food restaurants, plus salgados like coxinhas and so on..and that's enough!

  5. Haha, oh my! You guys, I know there are plenty of other delicious snacks to be found in Brazil but I'm talking strictly 'comfort food'. The comfort foods I crave when I need a snack. Haha, its just kinda unfortunate that my true comfort foods are Ruffles and cookies.

    @Ray... my husband has never heard that they use sea salt in their snacks here but if they do, even better because sea salt is (while better for your heart) actually saltier than table salt. Bring it on baby!

  6. Score! Our local Wally World (WalMart) in Tijuca now has 400g bags of Doritos. That's 14 ounces of yummy cheesy salty goodness.

  7. But we had Oreo! I don't know where is it...


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