Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Time in Canada

Oh goodness guys... it's so good.

So, I'm finally catching up on blogging after literally being offline since I left Brazil on December 20.  A lot of the blogs have really been capturing my feelings of Christmas in Brazil last year (my first one, popping the cherry)... the strange/guilty feeling of annoyance and anger and the heat and 'un-Christmassyness' of it all.  Those feelings were creeping up again this year.  My parents knew it.  My friends knew it.  My dear loving and patient husband knew it.  So my parents did the most awesome thing and offered me a ticket home for the holidays.

How could I say no?

I was going crazy to know how it would feel to be back in Canada and to experience the notorious 'reverse-culture shock' for myself.  But, to be honest, it hasn't been difficult at all for me to reassimilate.  Everything is pretty much how I imagined it....

Sure, I've noticed some things that I'm missing from Brazil (ie. Bakeries, good manicures, an abundance of fresh fruit and veg, my HUSBAND) but I have confirmed that certain differences WEREN'T inflated in my head due to extreme saudades.  Things like amazing customer service, friendly strangers saying hi, excuse me, thank you, letting each other cross the street or change lanes, orderly driving, big giant hugs hello, lots of ACTUAL multiculturalism/language EVERYWHERE...

But although I was going crazy missing these things and also going a little crazy being the 'different' one, I'm kinda missing that part now!  I miss speaking Portuguese and I miss the feeling of achieving a comfortable quality of life.  In Canada, it just exists.  You don't really have to work for it.  In Brazil, it's something to be proud of.  Something you can measure in huge strides and see how far you've come.  I miss eating healthier in Brazil.  I actually miss the routine of "home".

I miss Ro.  A lot.

God, will I ever feel satisfied in one place again???  Have we all now shot ourselves in the foot by living in two places at once - Home and Second Home?  One place will always be missing something and offering something else.

As for now, I have one more week to enjoy Canada.  That means a real snowy New Years in a hot tub with lots of flowing red wine, friends and more family time.....oh yeah baby.

P.S. In case you wondered if it feels somehow colder to me now after a year in Brazil, I can only say it feels amazing and I love winter.  White snow, brown snow, yellow snow, bring it all on.  But on second thought, a nice day at the beach with a cold beer and my husband wouldn't be so bad right about now.....


  1. I don't know if you'll ever be satisfied in one place again. It's been about 5.5 years for me and I still miss home at times and very much look forward to a trip home when I can manage one. On the other hand, I get my fill faster each visit too, missing my adopted home. Go figure. Each year gets easier, each trip further away, and those darn charming husbands help ease the pain on the rough days.

    Enjoy your trip home! I don't know about you, but I will be needing to do some of that running you do when I get back!

    Ps. LOVE the new layout!

  2. Mom said... I'm really glad you liked your Christmas gift this year!!There were no refunds or exchanges allowed. It was amazing having you home for Christmas!!! Next time you must bring your dear loving and very patient husband (my son-in-law) with you.
    I'll enjoy every minute of the last few days of your stay here. I know we all need to get back to our lives soon as the vacation will soon be over but my heart is a little heavy knowing it will be awhile before I will see you in person again.This time will be easier though because I know where you are going and I know your Husband is anxiously waiting your return.
    Love you both! xo

    January 3, 2011 2:36 PM

  3. ah man you and i are twins. and im half canadian. i think for Chrsitmas next year i am going to book a trip to Argentina, im going to the US in June so 6 months later would be silly, no real christmas until 2012 for me! but my mom might be visiting Brazil for next Christmas, so i'll keep my fingers crossed. I vented about my whole sadness/anger/annoyance (as you say) opinion of christmas this year and she sympathized (she's a psychologist) soooo i think next year she is going to try to make something a little different--more american. why are we such Christmas babies?! who cares, we are! enjoy your last bit in the homeland, Brazil welcomes you back :D


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