Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's (Non) Resolutions

Never having been one for making 'resolutions' per say, I'm going to instead share some of the 'goals developed coincidently on January 1 but are not New Year's Resolutions' resolutions.  Ha.

First of all, I would really like to get back into blogging funny stories and experiences that I have in Rio.  Now that things aren't so new, some of the oddities that I experienced in the beginning are just normal now and don't have the hilarity charm they once had.  So eyes open for the funny stuff.

Then, I really need to kick up the Portuguese.  I'm thinking about private classes.  I haven't tried them yet and have reached my level of fluency just by exposure (as most of us have)... so some fine tuning is in order.  Really, I want to tone down my accent.  I think I really overdo the 'sh' on the s .... I'm serious.  It's out of control.  "Goshtaria eshtar no Brashil agora" is 'de maish'.  Haha, ps kidding I totally don't say brasil like.  Ok, sometimes I do.  ;)

Finally, It's time I start settling in and feeling at home in Rio.  We are going into the new year with a new apartment!!!  Hooray!!!  It's going to be a completely different year.  First, as Salty mentioned, was adapting.  The next year will be about putting it all to work.  I'm looking forward to seeing Brazil through different eyes this year. 

Actually, one more.  I think it's time I learned the stick.  The stick shift that is.  Although I'm genuinely terrified of driving on the roads of Rio (thumbs up), I hate having to be a slave to the bus all the time - especially when we have a car!!  It's time to grow up and get on the stick.  Let the sexual reference begin!

So Happy New Year to all!  Does anyone have any special 'goals developed coincidently on January 1 but are not New Year's Resolutions' resolutions to share?? 

Here's a list of the 10 Ten New Year's Resolutions for this year:
So, that's the Top Ten New Years Resolutions. Write them down and see how successful you are at keeping them.  Happy New Year!

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog!!  I appreciate you all.

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  1. Cool blog. One of my new years resolutions is to get out of the US for a while. My wife is looking at a job in Brazil which means that I need to find a job. Any ideas? My Spanish is conversant but nowhere near fluent. My Portuguese is nill. I have tons of banking experience but I would need a job that does't interact with the public b/c of the language thing. - Mike


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