Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Visa Sent!

Yup... today was the official day... what it actually means is that in no more than 3 months, I will be in Brazil. It's difficult to determine exactly when we can go... at the consolate they explained that if they were to take a guess (yes, please come on and just GUESS) they would say it takes around 2 months for a permanent visa to arrive. The date we're aiming for is December 4 but who knows what will happen.

I wish I could fast forward one year and be looking back on all of this laughing at my unneccessary fears of language barrier, sharing a house, not making friends etc. I should stop worrying about all of these unknowns... it's just difficult to rid myself of expectations.

Up until the go point I suppose there isn't much to report other than my constant fluxuations of anxiety. Today is good day, I'm feeling eager, excited, hopeful.

Other days are stressful.

The fears I have really revolve around what will be my new lack of control over my life. Not to say I will lose control, but it's hard to maintain your power when you can barely communicate.

Anyway, for now I'm to ignore these nagging 'preocupas' and remain happy and excited!!

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