Friday, March 12, 2010

10 month-iversary lovliness

March 9 marked 10 months of Ro an I being married. I think time is finally starting to feel real to me. For a long time, especially at the start of our relationship, it felt like so much time had passed and no time had passed at all. It's all relative I suppose, if you consider that in the first year of our relationship we accomplished more than most people do in the first 5 years of theirs? Within one year, Ro and I met, moved in together, got engaged, got married, and moved to another country. Thaaaat's quite a bit of action in a very short period of time. Maybe now that we're here, that we're a bit settled with no real plan of going anywhere soon, maybe now I'm able to fully feel the effect of time gone by. It's a good feeling now, it feels like we're really together and have real substance in our experiences, in our feelings, and in our life.
So, to celebrate, we went out for dinner at this nice sushi restaurant called Manekineko. We'd been saving up our appetites to eat there because it's a little pricey at R$60 for each to eat the rodizio (all you can eat), but it was definitely worth it. Great dinner, great talking, we looked good - I am so in love. After we got home (by which time it was already 12:30!!) and writhed around with stomach aches lazed around for a bit, we decided to watch a movie.

So, I had just downloaded "The Blind Side" for which Sandra Bullock just won Best Actress. *Side Note* Maybe I'm risking getting arrested by declaring this, but I love downloading movies and music. I download all of our movies.
This movie runs about 2 1/2 hours in length and we started it at 2 a.m. Yeah.
The funny thing is, Ro doesn't last through movies. We could start a movie at 6 pm and he would almost definitely fall asleep before the end. He has seen half to two thirds of many movies.
But this movie is really good and we somehow managed to watch the entire thing which led us to being awake at 4:30 in the morning and not entirely sleepy... and what better thing to do when you both don't have jobs or anything to do the next day AND live right near the beach? Why, put on a pot of coffee and go watch the sun rise, of course!

So we hopped in the car with our camera and drove down to the beach (10 minutes of walking at 5 in the morning is far too much walking, I'm sure you understand). At this point, I'm going to keep my feelings of this beautiful experience to myself. But I will share the photos so you can catch a small glimpse for yourself. These are the rare, private, really special moments that Ro and I share that make me understand our relationship further and add that substance.

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