Saturday, March 13, 2010

Can someone help me out...

And tell me WHY they love Rio?  This is not meant to be sarcastic, rhetorical or rude.... I just need to know why people are in love with this city.

I can't just be because of the beach.

I really need some help with this one... Ro and I moved here to a somewhat remote area (not really, it's just the kind of area where local families live and not very close or easy to get to the centro or Zona Sul).  I am starting to feel a bit of cabin fever and like I really miss Toronto.  There are a lot of things that I love about Toronto.  I love the versatile and varied cultural experiences the most.  The food, the festivals, the music - the people you meet, the bars you go to.  There is a lot of variety to keep my interest peaked. 

I am ready to let go of Toronto and open my heart and mind to this beautiful, paradise of Rio de Janeiro!

That is, if I knew just why it was considered such a beautiful paradise. 

So, I am calling out to anyone who may have visited, previously lived or currently lives in Rio to please share with me some of the things you love about the city (and I'm not talking about the Christ statue or Pao de Azucar, although if you have interesting stories to share, I will gladly read them).  I am really needing to know of a cool neighbourhood to stroll through, a great museum worth seeing, a delicious restaurant that has cool atmosphere (it doesn't have to be expensive or fancy, just interesting).  A nice park that I can go to to read a book.  A cool show that is coming up that I shouldn't miss? 


Maybe I will discover it's just a beach city.  How terribly disappointing that will be for me. :(


  1. I have been to Rio a few times.

    What I love?

    It's MAGICAL, not many cities can you see the mountains meet the see as they do in Rio. Seriously, every time I go there I get this rush of excitement that runs through my body.

    It is a beach city, but there are also other lovely things to see.

    Have you been to Santa Teresa yet? That has to be my favorite neighborhood in Rio. It has a ton of wonderful art studios, museums, and restaurants. I went to a few wonderful, small museums there, in the old historical mansions. FABULOUS! It is the "bohemian" part of the city. Also good tip, in Rio, Wednesdays all museums are free to get in. Good for us poor folks ;-)

    Also, how about the Botanical Gardens? Have you been? It's another FABULOUS place. You can't hear all the bustle of the city, you can relax and really enjoy nature. They have a wonderful Japanese garden. You should check it out.

    Another good museum worth checking out is the Museu do Indio {Traditional Folk Art Museum} its in Botafogo on Rua das Palmeiras. Really COOL museum. Cool costumes on display, indian tools, etc.
    It's in a small old colonial building.

    Well good luck finding something you enjoy.. I am sure it will come.

    Look forward to having a drink with you when we come to Rio!

    Beijos, Tanya

  2. Definitely check out Santa Teresa.

    Lapa for nightlife.

    The Thai restaurants in Leblon are not great, but a good reminder.

    Check out the official Rio Guide - it is in Portuguese AND English. Click the flag up in the right corner...

    They publish a monthly calendar of events. Very complete. PDF in right column.

    Good luck!

  3. Nice to see a fellow Canuck blogging about life in Rio! What I love about Rio: there is never a dull moment.


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