Saturday, March 13, 2010

A little about my story

 I'm not sure that I've ever explained myself to anybody out there who reads this blog... (who isn't my mom or "live" friends that is).  I just thought I would take a minute and explain the story of how Ro and I met... it's not incredibly different in it's origins... we didn't meet walking our dogs on the street, or online, or in the grocery store.  (I don't think I'm brave enough for any of those scenarios anyway).

Actually we truly met because I drunkenly slept with his cousin one night after the bar (sorry my love).  Let me make that a bit classier sounding - if possible?

As I explained earlier, I had a bad experience in my last relationship that ended with me moving out rather quickly.  Around the same time, I hired a girl at the gym I used to manage who I believe was meant to be in my life for the short period of time that she was for a reason.  So I could meet Ro.  (ps. she is Australian and travels around everywhere, hence the short period of time. She's not dead or anything.)  So, during this difficult time I was going through, Aussie Friend kept inviting me out (and I wouldn't have gone had I been in said past relationship).  One night at the end of January she invited me to go to a Latin club that was having it's usual Thursday Brazilian "Student Night".  Hilarious first because I am several years beyond student night and second, because most of these students were first and second years.  Putting them in the 19-20 y.o. bracket.  It was Ro's cousin's birthday that night.

Back it up: Ro moved to Toronto from Brazil and had already been living there for 3 years.  His cousin was staying with him for 6 months on a student visa.

So, fast forward:  I don't need to go into detail.  You all know what a one-nighter is.

The next day, Aussie Friend and I are talking at work about the hilarity that ensued the previous night and what the hell happened and how Ro was so much more attractive than his cousin, but I really thought he was out of my league.  A few more days after that, I'm out having drinks with a friend and who sends me a lil facebook message but my FUTURE HUSBAND!  Very surprised, as we didn't really talk much that night, other than I gave him a drink from my secret vodka & water water bottle.  Anyway, his message says something along the lines of "Hey!  It's Rodrigo!  Since we're almost family now I thought it would be okay to add you!"

FIRST OF ALL!  Not almost family. no no no no no no.  Second of all:  I am SOOOO excited to get this message I tell my friend right away.  Later on I add him to facebook and check out his page.  He is clean of porn-y pages and lots of girls writing idiotic messages all over his wall, so checkmark.  But beyond that he has some really intelligent and interesting stuff on there... the one thing that caught my eye was he had the video of "The Last Lecture", the book I had just received for Christmas.  So that week talk a couple of times, until late late.  We have a lot to talk about.  He is really really nice.

"I am having a party this weekend", I tell him.  "You should come".

He does.

I tell everyone when I find out he is in the parking lot that my boyfriend is here (but don't tell him I said that).  I already really like him a lot.  At the party, he is quiet, but I'm impressed because he came even though he doesn't know anyone (aside from Aussie Friend, who he barely knows).  I decide that I would enjoy his company in the morning.  :)

And from that first night we were inseparable.  Actually, he came back over the following afternoon and we saw each other every day that week.  We decide the next week that we would like to try living together (we decided to risk it because he was moving out of his current place and was planning a trip across Canada in June anyways so if it didn't work out it would only be for 4 months) (oh and p.s. I was in love with him).  So 3 weeks after meeting he moves in.
Then, on March 13, 2009 (5 weeks from meeting date and one year ago today!) he whisks me away to a complete surprise destination where he proposes to me.  (We had already said I love you long before this and had also talked about potentially getting married).  Perhaps later I will go into detail about the most romantic, beautiful proposal ever but not tonight.

Now, I already knew that Ro was planning to move back to Brazil in September, and of course since it has been my dream for several years to teach English abroad, I decided that we should move there together.  We decided to get married in May so that I would have enough time to get my Brazilian Permanent Visa (so I can work here) before coming.  And so we got married in May and moved to Brazil in December (by the time we got everything worked out).

And now we're here.  Our original plan was to stay for one year and then work for a cruiseline for another year but we're just not sure what we want to do still.  Goal number one is get a job but we still have a bit of time before we have to do that.

Anyway, that's our love story!


  1. I'm glad you made it clear i'm not dead! And i'm glad to have played a part in your love story... X

  2. Look Aussie Friend, you've blown your cover. I was trying to keep your privacy but now that we all know who you are, ERINNE, I can thank you publicly for helping me meet my husband. Oh yeah, and for helping me get alcohol poisoning. :) Ok, that last one only nearly happened...

  3. Such an awesome story. Funny how life happens?


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