Monday, May 31, 2010

So expsensive to volunteer?

I've been thinking lately about adding to the list of 'things I want to do'.  Specifically, while I am in Brazil, hang gliding and surfing are amongst the adventure items on my list. 

But, as always, I can't help but think new places I want to see.  Hell, you travel halfway around the world (or in my case,  down into the Southern edition of my home continent); you should see some shit while you're there!  Originally, I was making up a 2 year plan (as in 2 years from now).  Ro and I really want to volunteer doing something GOOD.  Habitat for Humanity was what jumped out at me as being awesome, but I wanted to go to Asia, somewhere like Vietnam or Cambodia. 

I soon discovered that this would be financially impossible.  US$1550 just for the volunteer portion.  Not including the US$2000 flight from São Paulo.  Each. 

Then I started looking at areas closer to us, to (like I said) take advantage of where we are living.  Somewhere we could consider taking the bus or catching a much cheaper flight.   But....
Equador = US$1450
Brazil = $1550
Argentina = $1500

What the hell?  I can't afford that!  I am trying to offer MY services to YOU!  Not only can I not just simply 'volunteer' (work for free), I actually need to PAY to work for you?? Only in Backwards Land. 

The crazy thing is I still want to do it.  Jeez, it looks SO amazing.  But if I have to pay, I want to go somewhere different and awesome!  Ie. Cambodia.  Africa.  Even Equador. 

Buuuuuuuuuuuut that's just another thing to add to the 'list of things I want to do'.  Ro has always told me I have expensive taste....


  1. Umm...your story is the most awsome thing I've ever heard! I hope I meet some young stallion to sweep my off my feet and take me to his exotic home country! Anyway, I just stumbled across your blog and love it, can't wait to read more. I know what you mean about how ass backwards the pay to be a volunteer thing is. I did that while I was in Thailand at an elephant kraal. You should check it out actually I think you'd appreciate what's going on with that place. I publish a site about places to see in Southeast Asia. You should check it out, I just posted a bit on the ElephantStay (that's what it's called). Here's the link lemme know what you think...


  2. If you want to volunteer with children or youth, Casa do Caminho is free, however requires a 6 month commitment. The website is Good luck with your volunteer search.


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