Monday, May 24, 2010

Teaching update

Who ever knew that working out could feel so freaking great?  I'm working on a program from Oxygen magazine right now that is one month long and I'm already feeling great effects only a week in.  Damnit it's wonderful. 

Now, on the other hand, what to do with this extreme boredom?  Ro got a job (!!!) which means he has been understandably absent for the past week at work.  I am trying really hard to get more hours but so far it seems that I will need to be patient and let them come to me.  There are several prospects on the horizon, two of which I am pretty happy about.

I want to take it back to the gym now for a second.  When we first arrived, I was bothered and irritated by the methods they have at the gym.  Every gym you join (at least the one's I'm familiar with) have trainers that walk the floor, helping you out with your workouts.  I didn't find this awesome, simply because I couldn't speak Portuguese and they approached us every time we went asking if we wanted help.  I think I was more frustrated with the fact that I couldn't respond, couldn't accept the help anyway and wanted to be left to do my own circuit. 
Now my Portuguese is much better so when people talk to me, I can actually respond in my broken Portuguese.  So yesterday, while doing some one-armed rows on the seated row machine, a trainer approached me to help me position myself better.  We spoke a little before he commented with certainty that I was not Brasileiro.  (It really only takes about one or two sentences)  I asked him how he knew (obviously)... because of my sotaque.
We spoke a little about why I am here, I told him what I did in Canada, I told him what I do here.  He was really interested to hear that I am an English teacher because he has been *gasp* wanting native English classes!  My first potential aula particulare!!  The best thing is that the gym where he works is right across the street from our house so there are no transportation or time costs involved.  It could be really great to start teaching private students close to my house and I really hope the gym opens up some more opportunities for me.  Private and business teaching is where it's AT!


  1. How does the gym compare to the one's back home? Did you try out any classes, are they easier?

  2. Well, for my initial opinions on gyms in Rio, you can go to this blog...

    But we are at a different gym now which i actually like a lot better. They have a pretty big variety of equipment and the equipment is all Life Fitness and Cybex so good quality... I have done some classes but our current gym doesn't have any Les Mills classes (the other one had Pump and Combat only). They aren't that huge and they call the classes "Body Systems". In general, I would say the classes are easier but it's just because they aren't structured the same way. Meaning, there is no structure ;)


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