Saturday, December 3, 2011

December already?

The last two weeks have gone by so fast!  Since Laura left, I've been keeping busy with work, friends and believe it or not, reading.

Seeing as I have one month left in this year, I wanted to reflect on everything that's gone right and that I've changed for the better in my life.  Actually, looking back on the past year (which has flown by!!!), I'm a little disappointed, yet not at all surprised, that I didn't keep my New Year's Non Resolutions.

1.  Blog more funny stories.  Well, just by counting the number of posts this year vs. last year, I've already failed on the NUMBER of blogs I've produced, but at least my blogs haven't gone down in quality!  (Well, you all can be the judges of that one)

2. Start taking Portuguese classes.  Do the two classes I took count?  I took two, didn't really like her, made up some crappy excuse, and never looked back.

3. Settle in and make Rio my 'home'.  After a rocky start with our first apartment, I can happily say that this one we have accomplished.

4. Learn to drive stick shift.  Ha.  Well, I did go out for one driving lesson with Ro when I got back from Canada.  But we sold our car earlier this year (thank the lord!).  So no stick shift.  But also (happily) no car.

Alright, so if we were to evaluate purely by what I wrote down, it looks as if I didn't do so well.  But some other "non-resolutions" that I came up with throughout the year I did better with.  So let's examine my B-Side resolutions instead.

1b) Read more. (And later, read more Margaret Atwood).   Win!  In the two months I read a book per month and one of those was Margaret Atwood.  That equals 2 books in case you were feeling confused (it happens).

2b) Try to find my own Happiness.  I read the book The Happiness Project but more importantly, after moving to Botafogo, I was able to pursue my friendships, spend more time with my husband, ride my bike, and run in some beautiful places - HUGE sources of my happiness.

3b) See a Psychologist.  I found the most wonderful woman (thanks to a good friend) who speaks English!  She is not covered by my Health Plan but it doesn't matter.  Paying her with my hard-earned cash has been one of the most releasing experiences in understanding myself, my actions, and also how to let things GO! 

4b) Do acupuncture.  Before we moved to Botafogo I did 3 sessions of Acupuncture which made me feel AMAZING.  It was a quick run, but it made a big difference.

So did anyone else out there make any 'non-resolutions'?  How are they going?  Do you usually keep your goals or let them shrivel up like George's penis?  :)  Happy December!


  1. You've inspired me...I think I'll review the year, also.
    It sounds like not having a car has made you feel really free....and Botafogo sounds fabulous!

  2. Sounds like a good New Years Resolution list...
    I think I'll take your idea and make mine soon...

    And yes, keep blogging! I love reading your posts!


  3. Actually, it sounds like you did pretty well - accomplishing goal #3 of "settling in" is huge, and will help with all the others!

    For me, 2011 was almost entirely consumed with our wedding (and working my butt off to pay for it!) But we are now married civilly and religiously and it was wonderful, so I'd say it was a success :-)

    2012 will be the year of building my business: I'm making a website that provides both free and subscription-based English lessons & practice.

    BTW, here's a great article on conducting your own "annual review."

  4. Interested in finding out about mental health in Brazil. Can the psychologist write prescriptions? I have been meaning to find out about that in Brazil. I have ADD and mild depression. I would like to get ADD meds and anti-depressants when I am down there. Are they available do they have them? How hard is it to find psychiatrists?

  5. @ Jen, I love not having a car. We had one in the beginning and it was the only car I've ever owned in my life. My life is definitely better living in a convenient area with no car.

    @ Skarrlette - I don't think psychologists can write prescriptions. Psychiatrists, I don't really know but you can usually just walk into a pharmacy and ask for whatever you want and they'll give it to you. Although, they're becoming a little stricter on this...


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