Sunday, October 31, 2010

Corrida Pela Cura

Last Sunday Ro and I woke up eeeearly to do the Race for the Cure 6KM run in Leblon.  It was our first race in a year and a half and my first race here in Brazil.  Is it just me or is the air different here?  I have a hard time running here because I get out of breath quickly.

Forget all of the advice that "the first 15 minutes are the hardest! - After that your legs just go!"  For me the first 15 are the easiest.  After that it's like slow torturous death.

At least I'm dying healthy!

But seriously, after I passed the 3K mark I was thanking whatever god is out there that I wasn't running a 10K.  Nope.  That would have been a giant mistake and definitely would have resulted in me passing out in a ditch while other runners jump over me and/or throw their water cups on me.

What's with the way people HURL their water cups during the run?  I mean, first there are garbage cans.  Second, there is the side of the road.  Is it really necessary to guzzle your water like a horse, leave it dripping down your chin and shirt and then whip it behind you right into my face??  There are like 10 000 people running behind you, didn't you realize??

Ohh I'm just as guilty.  There's something about gnawing open a little plastic cup of water with your teeth, pouring the whole cup on your head (shaking your head and hair side to side in slow motion for effect), whipping that crappy little cup to the side and continuing on your run unphased, that makes you feel SO COOL.

So, unfortunately I had to stop 3 times during this run to walk.  I only have to walk for 30 seconds or so before the feeling of vomiting passes and then I'm back in the game.  Then, oops I'm gonna puke.  Walk.  Then back in the game.

I went into this run with a goal of completion of under 40 minutes.  I finished in 38.  Not my best run but I reached my goal.  Ro finished in an amazing 33 minutes.

Until next time - I'd better start practicing if I ever want to be like those African runners, with their gazelle legs and beautiful stride!  Damn their beautiful stride!



  1. Wonderful! Congratulations on completing in the time you wanted to!

  2. HOT husband.

    Congrats to you both.


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