Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dating Yourself

Happy post!  Well, lately, you are well aware, I have been feeling a little down.  It happens.  So I took myself on a date last night.

 Now, many of my Brazilian crew think this is a little strange.  But I honestly like the idea of dating myself.  The only person you can depend on is yourself, right?  (ps I don't fully agree with that cliche but it's not entirely untrue either).  Can't sit around waiting for the mountain to come to Mohamed... What's up with me and these crazy idioms today?

So, with Ro and my SIL working and my other friend wanting a night in, I got myself dressed up and went out for dinner and a movie.  I really went for it.  I even put on a skirt, people and I don't do skirts.

So I get to Downtown Shopping and as I'm getting out of the van, my skirt gets caught on the seat as I am still making my way out of the van.  This results in my skirt being opened up and my underwear being exposed to everyone!  At least I didn't have to feel embarrassed in front of a date.  (just the other strangers who all saw but, yeah... no date)

I decided to eat at Barril 8000 because they have live music.  Enjoyed some beer with aipim and queijo coalho.  Not the most romantic dinner but who am I trying to impress, right? :)

Then I went to see the most girliest, emotional, "finding herself" movie available - Eat, Pray, Love.  Yeah! On date night with myself, I get to choose the movie!  I also have a lot of seat options when I'm alone.  I can pretty much sit wherever I want, even in a full theatre.  I can also cry openly and laugh openly if I want to (I don't like to look like a baby who cries in movies in front of Ro - What!?)

After my lovely evening of dinner and a movie, I got myself an ice cream cone to finish off the night.  It was a pretty happy night!  The biggest challenge, for me and anyone, is being able to sit with yourself and not DO anything.  That or try to pretend that you are not really alone.  I'm talking: pretending you are texting someone playing with your phone, acting like you are waiting for someone to come and meet you, taking an imaginary phone call... etc etc.

So, for any of you ladies or gentlemen out there who feel like you have a bit too much social alone time on your hands, here is a list of helpful suggestions as to how you can date yourself!

  • Take yourself out for dinner and a movie (and make sure you get drunk)
  • Gently caress you hand or your thigh at the movies
  • Surprise yourself with unexpected gifts like a bottle of great champagne/wine
  • Buy yourself a sexy new outfit
  • When you catch your reflection in a store window, flirt with yo' bad self
  • Buy yourself your favourite flowers
  • Take yourself to a spa (well, that's a little tricky in Brazil because spas aren't all the rage)
  • Turn the music up and the lights down and put on some candles
  • Sleep in your slinkiest nightgown or nothing at all
Whether you're single or in a relationship, any of these activities done alone results in good stuff later.  Finally, don't be embarrassed to date yourself!  People definitely give you Looks but they're probably thinking "Is she here all by herself?  That's so brave!"
It's really not that big of a deal once you've done it a few times.  Anyone out there have dating myself stories?


  1. Good for you!! I love going to the movies on my own. It was my therapy when I had "I hate Brazil" moments, because I could forget where I was for the durantion of the movie. and going alone means I don't have to pay attention to sub-titles to know the translations so I can discuss the movie later. Also, there is a great day spa in Barra Garden and there was another in Barra Shopping. A bit pricey, but that is another favorite of mine (although I now do this in BH and it is more affordable).

  2. You go grrl! Sounds great.

    When I go out on my own my pre-date responsible self puts a piece of paper with my home address clearly written on it into my pocket -- so when I get sh*tfaced drunk I can still indicate to a patient taxi driver how to get my butt home again.

    Your adventure sounds more fun. Good for you.

    See you Tuesday (if the sun cooperates!)

  3. Linds! Glad you are back. Thanks for the tips, which I think are useful for everyone. We non-expats sometimes find ourselves in the same funk . . . Hey--I have a question for you about movies there. I see that the majority of the movies in theaters seem to be American, so when you go to the theater, are they in English with Portuguese subtitles? Or do they do dub them? I always wondered that. Well, glad you had a good night out. I wouldn't worry about the underwear thing. I read an article yesterday about a recent survey that found Brazil to be the most sexually liberated country in South America. LOL!

  4. Yay! Movies, coffee shops, shopping adventures, art galleries.
    This is by a fellow canadian, if ya haven't seen it yet.

  5. Hey! I'm a winner too! I went to Bon Jovi's concert all by myself!!! And I'm feeling really good about it!

  6. Glad I am not the only one here in Brazil who's spouse doesn't have the same appreciation for going out. I don't know my way around yet but when I do, I won't hesitate. LOL.

    CORINNE: I am in BH too....where is this mystery Spa. Maybe we can meet up one day. My skype is mara DOT lerman.

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