Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner - part two

Well, we accomplished the biggest cooking task of our lives thus far.

Two days of cooking + two appetizers + five main courses + two desserts + one giant bottle of vodka + 40 cans of beer + 6 bottles of wine + one new dress = a freakin' awesome party!

I had a GREAT Thanksgiving.  It was just like home.  My Brazilian family all together, eating, drinking and being merry.
What was really touching was how 'into it' they all were.  It can be difficult for some people to be genuinely interested in trying something new, especially when it's someone else's cultural tradition. 

But my fam was so awesome - They were really into the tradition of saying something that you're thankful for.  We had the usual "I'm grateful that everyone could be here together, I'm grateful for all of the food we have, I'm grateful for the cook (hehe) etc." but Ro's cousin really made me all mushy inside when she said "I'm grateful for new cultural experiences" (or something to that extent). 
They complimented us endlessly on the food (I'm now allowed to get married as goes the favourite Brazilian saying "agora você pode casar!").  Then Ro's uncle gave me the biggest compliment, following tradition perfectly.  He fell asleep.  Love it!  Here are the pics....

All tuckered out....
 Great night with great people!!


  1. YES!

    Good for you. What a joy to share home traditions with willing family here.

    I can almost smell the foods!

  2. That looks fabulous!! Im so jealous!! SO glad you all had a good time and it was such a great experience!! Makes me want to try day :)

  3. Mmmmmmmmm...looks like a lot of work, I should start planning now.

  4. Thanks guys!! It was such a great time - I almost shed a few tears.
    Nancy, it took me, like, a week of preparing and two days of implementing - are you gonna do it??

  5. Yeah!! Looks like an amazing Thanksgiving! Good job. I want an invite to the next one. I´ll even bring the vodka and fall asleep on the couch ;)

  6. wow,that is a beautiful table of food! good job!

  7. Lind!!!
    amei, foi muito legal nosso dia de Thanksgiving!! tomara que tenha outros!
    a comida tava uma delícia... parabéns!!
    e nossa saída também, precisamos marcar mais!!!

  8. this looks great. my father's side of the family is canadian, but we always simply celebrate thanksgiving on the US thanksgiving and mix in French canadian dishes. im going to try and do it here in November, both foods. will be interesting...not sure im going to invite our family here though, no one seems to like anything i make that isnt brazilian. probably just friends and people who have lived in the US for a while. have a lot of menu planning to do ;) and the sleeping uncle is classic! he needs a little dog on his lap. hehe.

  9. Ohhh! Parabéns!! It looks delicious! I can't wait for US thanksgiving day! I have already started to prepare my menu and told my boyfriend's family it's an obligation to come and they should be thankful that they get this cultural experience... haha.. just kidding. :) take care! bjs

  10. Congrats on a beautiful dinner and a successful Thanksgiving! The table really looks beautiful. Your sleeping uncle would fit right in with all of my south Georgia relatives. They share the same sleeping position and belly. ;)


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