Friday, October 1, 2010

Rio International Film Festival

That's right - the RIFF is making headway in Rio between Sept 23 and Oct 7 with films playing all over the city, including Barra da Tijuca, much to my delight!  This year's focus country is Argentina because they are celebrating their bicentennial.  

You can access the site here and there is also an English link on there.

The Film Festival doesn't seem to be a huge city-wide event here, like it is in Toronto.  In Toronto, celebrities are in town, there are huge gala openings, and many people in the city attend at least one film or buy blocks of tickets.  Fun!!!

Here, I'm seeing a lot of signage but I'm not sure if people are really into it or not.  When I asked my MIL and SIL about it they didn't even know what it was, so....

I, for one, WILL be attending but first I have to wade through all of the films.  There are about 300 to choose from!  I would recommend picking by theatre ONLY because you'll probably drown in the sea and end up getting turned off.

Support the arts!  Go to the Film Festival!


  1. The people who are into it are WAY into it. One year my brother in law watched like 3 films a day. One of the perks of being unemployed.

  2. I'm into it! How's your tuesday (terça)?


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