Saturday, February 26, 2011

Carnaval: Guide to Blocos 2011

I'm really not the best person to write about Carnaval in Rio.  In fact, I don't really know why I'm writing about it now.  Last year, we barely participated, minus going to the beach in Recreio for a couple of hours to have some beers before getting tired of hearing Samba music and drunk people and returning like hermits from the holes we came from.

Yeah, it would appear that we really suck?

But to be honest, I've never been, and can't pretend to be, a big party girl.  Going to a quiet pub for a max of 4 beers or heading out once in a while to the club (once in a rare while) is about all that I can muster.  Friday nights I much prefer to stay in the house, drinking and eating in comfort, with the freedom to sit on my toilet seat and throw my toilet paper in the toilet if I so choose.  Hell, I can even lay down if I want with no worries of being kicked out for "over consumption" (not that I've EVER seen that happening in Rio but I'm programmed to think that sleeping in a bar is a no-no).

Carnaval, therefore, isn't really that appealing to me... at least as far as the party aspect goes!  But one thing I do love is to see people having a good time.  You can really feel the love for Carnaval and see the joy in people's hearts during this time - whether it's booze induced or not!

Well, this year, Imma give it a try.  I've got some friends... my husband is most certainly working... I am most certainly NOT working (side note: I really actually tried to convince my students that we should keep having classes during Carnaval so as not to be inconsistent (read: I'm poor) but they would not fall for accept any of my insisting.)  I've heard that the blocos in Santa Teresa are the best.  And it's pretty exciting to see the big banners with balloons in the streets saying "Carnaval de Rua", meaning that the streets will be closed for the blocos and lots and lots of people.

So, just to help out my fellow Carnaval go-ers... I dug up the list of blocos all over the city.

Zona Sul
Barra, Recreio & Zona Oeste

The site is available in English as well.

Bom Carnaval para todos!

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