Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lots of space!

Isn't it great to live on your own?  (The answer to that rhetorical question is YES).  I wake up every morning thankful for this space that is MINE - maybe I'm sounding like a spoilt North American here, but space, space and more space is what I crave and is something that I felt was lacking very much in my first year in Brazil. 

The next blog is my 100th post (yay!) and so for my 100th post I will celebrate by sharing pictures of our new, fabulous space and hence the official mark that "We Live In Brazil".  Up until this point I felt like we really weren't living ... in all senses of the word.  We had little to no responsibility and in my opinion, this is when one can really say they are 'living'.  When one is taking care of oneself.   

I just finished baking some banana muffins (so easy - recipe here - sorry Mal, they're not glutton free) and appreciating the very simple fact of waking up when I feel like it (12 pm today and with no shame!) and walking into my kitchen without having to make conversation.  I thought I would be lonely with the sudden lack of people around me but I am pleased to announce that I'm not!  Actually, things couldn't be better and I find myself calling my MIL on the phone just to say hi... a very nice relationship that I'm happy and excited to cultivate.

So, in case you were sitting around wondering "I wonder how LINDSEY is doing lately", this blog is to update that my feelings lately have been all good in the hood (albeit with moments of frustration, but let's be real... that's because I live in Brazil!) 

On a final note related to banana muffins - I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before but repetitions sake - There is no baking soda in Brazil so if you feel like you can't bake traditional cookies/muffins due to lack of baking soda, fear not.  Just triple what the recipe calls for in baking soda with baking powder for the same effect.  You might get a bit more baking powder taste but it's ok, still works!

So there's my helpful tip of the day.  Have a lovely Saturday all!


  1. There actually is baking soda in Brazil (at least in Sao Paulo). Look for it in the spice aisle, mixed right in with the cinnamon, bay leaves and bouillon cubes, where it usually comes in little plastic bags (Kitano, Masterfoods), or in a glass jar (I think that pricey brand is called Bombay). Not sure about those particular brands being sold in Rio, but just look for Bicarbonato de Sódio. I've found it even in the dirtiest, cheapest grocery stores.


  2. Hi Lindsay! My husband is an avid cookie maker, and we found bicarbonato de sódio pretty easily. If I remember correctly, it's by the spices. But I'm curious--I assumed it's the same thing as baking soda. Am I wrong? I'm starting to question some things since we had problems using yeast for making bread...

  3. Wow you guys, thanks for that!! I always assumed I would find the baking soda next to the baking powder and when I asked my Brazilian network, nobody knew what it was! So I assumed it didn't exist!

    That is AWESOME! Two thumbs up :D


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