Friday, February 18, 2011

Locked INSIDE the house?

Folks.  I'm locked inside the house.  Yes, you heard me.  I am unable to leave my house because the door is bolted shut from the outside.  What the hell kind of security is that, you ask?  Well, I was hoping someone could answer me that very question! 

Y'see.  Locks in Brazil are a tricky thing.  Don't expect to come and find your 'easy to open-easy to close' simple North American key locks.  Here you've got the world at your feet in terms of options for locks.  In our old house, we had the Hotel-Style "once you shut the door it's locked and you can only open it with a key" lock. 
Now, we have the "star-shaped key that can only open the bolt if the little dot on the key is facing up and whose lock can only be opened and closed WITH said key" complicated as hell lock. 

So the issue is that Ro and I left the house together last night and both took our keys.  We had a grand time shopping for new stuff for our apartment so I was understandably high-on-buying when we got back, and I left my key in the car.  This morning he went to work and we both forgot that the key was still in the car.  Well, being the safety advocate that he is, he locked the door to keep me safe inside.  (I know, what a good guy!)  And when I went to leave the house to go to my classes... well, without my little star key, I can't get out! 

So here I am ... trapped inside my own house.  I started to wonder if maybe it was a ploy to get me to clean the house or something... "Oh, you can't leave the house?  Ohhhh well... I guess if you have to stay in you could do the dishes!"

Mm hm. 

Oh, I'll do the dishes alright.  But don't be surprised if one day next week you discover your precious little star-shaped key is missing, the door is locked and I'm laughing at you from right outside the door!  At least I know that if my husband ever tries to escape I have a way to trap him.....


  1. That happened to a student of mine. No service entrance? My student's (and now yours) experience has taught me to keep an extra set of keys in the house. How sad is that?! lol

  2. Haha, no service entrance no. That and we only have one bathroom! We live like paupers! lol...
    But you're so right... with this type of lock you NEED an extra set of keys in the house. But then my kidnapees could escape so I might want to rethink that....

  3. I can just imagine the phone call, "Um, Ro? I have no keys....." And it's a pretty good excuse of why he'll have to drive you to your classes now.


  4. We have one set of keys and every weekend we have on the list to go to the key guy and have more keys made and then we forget. Tomorrow I am going first thing now... thank you... funny story hope you had an eventful day inside!

  5. We locked ourself out of our bedroom once. Well we locked the door, and then found out that the key did not work! My husband scaled the balcony and then jumped onto our balcony... but it has made us all the more wary about doors and locks.

  6. Lol, I once was locked out of both the house n car! I went outside to turn on the car to warm it up and I locked it. When I got to house door I realized what I had done. I had to call a locksmith, not happy to pay the bill.


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