Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Apartment Comes Complete with All Amenities Plus Ghost

So, my apartment is haunted.  I'm absolutely certain of this fact.  Alright.. let me just back up a little....

So we moved into our own apartment all by ourselves!!  Yay!!  We've been living like adults again for almost two weeks and it's spectacular.  Tonight as I walked home, I looked forward to picking up some groceries on the way, tidying up the kitchen, cooking and then ironing.  Yes.  I am now Dona de         MINHA Casa.  And while we're on the subject, I prefer not to call myself "HouseWife"... rather I prefer to call myself "AwesomeWife".  AwesomeWife does it all and also manages to fit in a glass of red wine and orange Fanta (delicious, swear to god).

So, on nights that Ro is partying it up working and I'm left to tend the house all by mah-self, I feel the ghost's presence.  Let me just back up again for a sec...

We rented this apartment by a stroke of luck.  Seeing as it's almost impossible to rent an apartment in Rio unless you have a fiador (co-signer) or you're a millionaire and can afford like 4 months of rent up front.  Also, rent is also very high and your average salary definitely doesn't match up.  So Ro has a friend whose father passed away (unfortunately) but offered to let us rent the apartment without all of the normal necessary requirements(fortunately!).

It's not in the best location ever - it's still just as far and maybe even more difficult to get to places by bus.  But it's ours.  And it's haunted.

How do I know this?  Well, I don't.  I only think.  But I swear swear swear that sometimes, only when I'm in my bedroom, I feel someone enter the room.  I feel it so strongly that I look up thinking that Ro has come home to surprise me!  The other thing is that my cat goes into crazy stare and meowing spells.  Just now she was sitting in the office (which was the father's room) just meowing and staring at a spot on the ceiling above the window.  Ok, so sometimes she's looking at a bug but when I went in just now, there was no bug to be found.  She stayed in the office for, like, 15 minutes.  Shivers.  

THEN, I was sitting here all scared and all of the power went out!!  I was suddenly sitting in pitch black thinking 'for sure the ghost is to blame' but then I heard Familia Favelinha next door start yelling and laughing and screaming so I knew it wasn't just me.  Thank you to my Little Favela Family for always making noise and making me feel like I'm not alone.

So anyway guys, I gots a ghost and I don't know what to do!  I tried to just accept living together with my new ghosty friend but even making silly jokes doesn't take the icey cold fear in my heart go away.  And P.S. We already did a spirit cleanse before we moved in so I hope it's just that it's taking a little while for Ghost Dad to pass.

Here are the options I've come up with for coping with my fear.

1. Continue watching Home & Health Channel all night as I have been doing because What Not to Wear and 10 Years Younger DOES make me feel safe and happy.
2. Stay up until Ro comes home at 3 am.

Actually that's all I got.  I'm really spooked over here!!


  1. Wait wait wait. Do you MIX the wine and the fanta?!?! I think I'd already have to be drunk before accepting the idea of that.

    And what is a favela family??? Is that some Rio reference that I'm missing?

    And my final question: Is a ghost necessarily a bad thing?? :)

    happy to see you blogging again. :)

  2. Hhaha! Ok, so yes I mix them. It tastes wonderful, I'm serious. So refreshing!! Like a crappy poor person's sangria!

    Second, Favela Family is the family who lives in the favela next door whose family I watch doing their thing on a regular basis. I like to think of them as friends who I've never talked to.

    And ghosts? Always scary, not necessarily bad. I'm trying to live with it! :)
    I promised you I'd write tonight!

  3. Does your ghost like you? My mom and I moved into a condo and I lived with her there for a couple of years before moving out on my own and the old woman who died there lingered. She didn't like me one bit and I always felt like I had to RUN out of my mom's room where she died. Oddly, when my brother and his wife lived there later my sister-in-law felt her right away but felt comforted and protected by her. Gah! I guess even the dead people realized my teenage self was totally annoying.

  4. I have to say im actually a bit jealous... ive always wanted a ghost in my house =) Play nice and it might be worth it to have someone on the other side, on your side?!

    Fanta and coke... hmmmm

    ps a friend of mine here in SP knows you, Molly? Small gringo world....

  5. Personally, I prefer mixing red wine with sprite when the occasion strikes me :)

  6. Scary! A few months ago my husband and I were living in an apartment that I swear was haunted. A few strange things happened, I couldn't sleep or shower without him there, and then the man who lived above us passed away. After he passed away I felt like the feelings started to diminish...strange.

  7. So you did the sage smudge stick routine? Maybe the ghosts here in Brazil need a little more encouragement to get on their way. This may be your excuse to introduce yourself to the donna de familia favelinha. Perhaps they know a ghost whisperer, or pae de santo, or wicked scary Baihana with powerful macumba remedies.

    But be nice - you don't want the ghost to dislike you. Good luck.

  8. Hi Lindsey,

    First, congratulations on your new place! I know how good it feels to get your own space.

    Secondly, I have always been fascinated by ghosts, ever since I was a kid and would come home after school to watch some cheesy Maury Povich/Sally Jessie-type talk show about a haunted house in the 'burbs or a priest in a trance speaking in tongues. It would seriously freak me out--I thought if someone like a priest could become possessed, it could happen to me, a non-religious young girl. Yikes!

    But, it turns out most ghosts just need to be acknowledged before they can 'go toward the light'...

    Oh goodness, now I sound like a freak that is out of her gourd. Nonetheless, if I ever encounter one and attempt to talk to it, I really hope no one walks in on me doing that. Humiliating...



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