Monday, July 5, 2010

Exotic Fruits in Brazil

So, I ate a persimmon today.  Seen 'em in Canada too but there it's not the real thing.  Just like strawberries aren't the real thing here.  Anyway.  Persimmon. 

Pretty darn delicious!  Looks a bit like an orange tomato and tastes a bit like an orange tomato! Okay, more like a really sweet tomato.  I didn't really know what to do with it so I just cut it in 4's and started to gnaw away at the insides.  I guess it was right. 

Try a persimmon today if you haven't! I'm not kiddin'... go buy one and eat it now!


  1. I love me some ripe and juicy persimmon. I eat them just like I would a ripe tomatoe (which are impossible to find here!) with juice dripping down my chin as I bite into them.


  2. Funny thing is I always thought real Strawberries are from Brazil where they are sweet and juicy...
    I always found Canadian strawberries dry, tasteless and hollow inside, maybe you just think that's the way they are supposed to be huh!
    I have a polish friend in Toronto who loves pineapples from the can but can't stand the real thing, he grew up eating canned pineapples in communist Poland.
    Cultural differences are funny at times!



  3. Well of course I don't think the hollowed out dry ones are what strawberries are 'supposed' to taste like!
    Actually, if you eat the hollowed out dry ones in Canada, they have definitely been imported from the States. The time they are delicious are in the summer when they are fresh and big and juicy! Here, they are expensive as crap and not that sweet.
    I don't think I've met anyone who prefers canned anything to fresh but hey, I'm sure they're out there!
    Thanks for reading my blog :)


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