Friday, July 2, 2010

A giant fist shake at Rio busses!

It happened AGAIN.

I got on the wrong bus.  This time it CLEARLY said 179Recreio on the side of the bus.  I was exhausted after an already 2+ hour ride home from Centro and failed to check the front of the bus to see if the signs matched.

Long story short, they didn't.  (*Side note: Apparantly the stupid signs have to match.  It could say 179Recreio on the side but if it says 179Central on the front, it's going there.  Please see this post on why I hate busses in Rio)

Me being tired and trying to fight for an inch of space, I didn't pay attention (not that I could see anyway) to where we were going until about 20 minutes in when I noticed we were going through a tunnel.  There are no tunnels on the way to Recreio.  Then we passed through a toll.  There are no tolls on the way to Recreio.  I had already whipped my phone out to cry to Ro that I did it again.

I got off at the first stop after the highway ended which happend to be a pretty scary looking favela town!  Luckily, Ro came to my rescue.  Good thing too because if I had stayed any longer I would have surely been robbed.  Sigh!  Frustration.

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