Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yayyyy! (note sarcasm)

Yeah, so riding along on the bussy bus this afternoon to my class.  Sitting close to the front.  Guy gets on.  I can smell him before he crosses the threshold.

He has a fresh can of beer in hand.  Now, I realize it's legal to drink in public here in Brazil but it still shocks me to see people actually taking the country up on this offer.  Especially in places that you really don't need to be drinking.  Like the bus.

So he is trying to get through the gate and the lady (who is one of the horrible customer service people we are all talking about in Danielle's blog!) is taking her sweet time, not even looking up at the guy.  So he starts pushing against the gate, pushing and pushing and pushing in a real rocking "drunk in public" sort of way.  She finally gets the hint and lets him through (still not even looking at him - shocking I know).  He falls sits down on the seat and opens his beer with one dirty hand, which of course explodes all over his dirty hand.  Can't waste a drop! so he licks it all off.

I'm watching him, just plain interested in this guy who obviously hasn't a care in the world.  Watching as he chugs his beer.  Watching as he starts prying the tab of the can off.  Watching as he successfully removes the tab.  Watching as he takes the tab, opens his mouth, and sticks it all the way down the back of his throat.  Wait... wait a minute.  WHAT did he just do???????  Did he just eat that beer can tab??  Oh yes, my friends.  Yes he did.

Okkkk... so now y'know, it's just weird and neurotic.  My actual first thought was WTF?  My second thought was "good luck pooping that out!"

So the bus starts to get a little more crowded.  Then a little more and a little more until I can't see him anymore.  THEN I smell the distinct smell of tobacco.  I'm like, whoa... did someone JUST have a smoke and hop on the bus?  Then, I hear people start shouting "hey hey put it out!!!"
It's our old friend, the Beer Tab-Eating Guy, lighting up a cigarette ON THE BUS.  What?????  You just thought, "Well, I'm done my beer! Now it's time for my smoke!  Dum di dum!"

People are getting pretttttty agitated by this point.  Everyone is shouting at the guy and calling him names "Seu viado..." I start looking around to see if anyone is going to do anything!  Like a staff member... y'know... someone with some authority?  But low and behold... who is just sitting on her fat butt looking at her nails, either not smelling the smoke or just not caring (probably the latter...)?
Our other old friend, the Stupid Bus Lady. 

Just another day in Rio!

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  1. Sorry but... this is it! That's why I wanted to be living in Canada!


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