Monday, July 12, 2010

You expect to come home to a nice, quiet house and...

1.  As soon as you get home you realize that your dogs 'diaper' has been chewed off come off (because your dog is having her period and when she does, you put undies and a pad on her) and there are peices of used sanitary napkin littering the living room.

2.  You are trying to cook very quickly and your cat continues to jump onto the counter and lick your food behind your back.

3.  As you finally sit down to enjoy your dinner, a BAT suddenly flies in through the living room and flies frantically around the ceiling before diving down and scuttling along the floor.  This sets your cat off like CRAZY who starts chasing after the scuttling bat who is clearly TERRIFIED and is running further and further into the house.
You start doing that cry/whine/freaking out sound like "nooooo-o-o-oh-oh-oh-oh!!!!!!!! oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god whaddo ido whaddoido!!???"  Then you tap into your spidey sense and have a moment of clarity.  A bowl and plate!  Yes.  You go get said bowl and plate and upon returning discover bat and cat are nowhere to be found.  oh god oh god oh god oh god.
You tiptoe your way into your mother-in-law's bathroom where you find that your cat has cornered the  helpless little bat behind the toilet.  Armed with plate and bowl you help the bat (which definitely looks like a mouse with wings) into safety, walk onto the veranda with your heart pounding, and set the bat free!

4.  As you are walking back inside, patting yourself on the back, you discover a small pool of vomit because someone (probably that cat) PUKED everywhere.  For crap's sake!

I just wanted a nice relaxing evening at home!!!


  1. A friend of mine lived in the back part of Jardim Botanicos for a little while. One day she watched a monkey (those little cute ones) run in and grab her cell phone! They had it locked in the bedroom for a while. Eventually, they got it out and it took the cell with it.

  2. You should try to place that cone around your dogs neck so she can't chew on ther diapers, that is used to prevent pets from licking their wounds with medicine, but you could certainly use it for the diaper chewing prevention initiative.


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